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So Common So Cheap

The original emo webcomic!


hahaha, look!! I'm featured here:

[update] yeah, checking the site out more, it's just a massive trolling thing. So don't worry too much about it guys, I didn't, since this comic has been dead for over 2 years already anyway :]

[update2] it seems like they changed up the description a little since the first time... is it just me? Well, it sounds a lot more chill lol, maybe thanks to you guys~

Thanks for the laughs, guys over at SYWH :]


dang, haters :[ loljk
I'm surprised something like this didn't happen sooner!

Well, it kinda sucks that SCSC goes as far back as, like, 2004. It was originally on a different website than Smackjeeves, so yeah~ Oh well. SCSC was meant to be sarcastic all the way, though, and was meant to be a joke comic in itself. I thought people would get that right from Kyle's intro, lol. Ahh~ xP

Dang, and they're up to date...
they even got my recent comic in as well (@_@);;


Well, lets see if they keep up with it,
although the other comic is more of a
manga-type thing than a comic... plus it's not
actually about scene kids like they think
it is... :P

posted by kidcomeback @ April 12th, 2010, 7:51 pm  -  11 comments

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