So Common So Cheap

SCSC is about an emo kid named Kyle who likes to blatantly state he is emo, with no shame in his game. It is also about his younger sister Korey and her life of violence and airheaded best friends while also trying to teach the ways of Hardcore, and about Daniel the hott punk neighbor next door with a heart of gold, who is also very confused?

About Me

My name is Ziggy, my full pen name is Ziggy Zylva. I'm not witty, I'm not smart, so i try my best >_> and um... i'm asian, but then again i'm not. i would like to make it as a big comic artist, but im too lazy to get enough things done to get stuff published. i like all types of music, i've been to all types of shows and been through lots of scenes; all of which were radical, yo. So yeah, i'm a pretty colorful person even though at first glance i'm just a freaaaak!!!! :D


you can ask me questions about the great ziggy the characters, or you can just e-mail to tell me how awesome my comic is just random stuff you think about my comic in general :> or.... you can send me flames D: kid.comeback [at]