Hey kids! this is where i say bye to you i guess? here are some comics i recommend! being the retard i am, i probably forgot to add some on here... :D and as for link exchanges... i used to be against it before cuz i was too damn lazy to go around adding every person that emailed me [bad!]. i still am just as lazy! but, im trying harder to stop being such a couch potatoe, and sooo... im accepting links again (: just email me your comic, and if i see that you added my comic in your links section then ta-daa! your comic will appear here asap (:

good stuff [probably what every other comic on the net has linked already, eh?]:

Under Lock & Key
Honeydew Syndrome
Questionable Content
The Perry Bible Fellowship
No Pink Ponies
Marry Me
Last Blood
Dreamwalker Chronicles [finished]

Link Exchanges:

here, an empty slot galore! if you want to do a link exchange, or have already linked me and want me to link back, email me :D

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